In addition to various training courses on health and safety at work that are held throughout the year, DOSIM has created a booklet of general safety instructions that is given to all new employees as a matter of course.

The booklet covers the following topics:

  • Safety and identification: access badge, suitable work clothing and protective equipment
  • Chemical hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Personal protective equipment
  • What to do in the event of an emergency
  • The 10 safety commandments for site work
  • Emergency phone numbers


As well as this booklet, DOSIM regularly circulates instructional posters on different topics related to personal safety in the workplace to all employees.

These topics include:

  • Taking care to avoid collisions at all times
  • Reporting hazards
  • Instructions for avoiding falls
  • ….

Working to protect the health and safety of our employees is one of the principal objectives of DOSIM’s policy.

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