A solution adapted to your needs

DOSIM has developed a flexible Facility Services offer that can be modified to adapt to your expectations.

To make your life easier, DOSIM has developed a full range of Facility Services to ensure the services necessary for the smooth operation of your buildings and to provide your staff with an optimal working environment.

Our solutions:




A need, a solution. What could be easier? With the Single Service solution, you can choose a specific service: cleaning, reception management, handyman… All services are available independently of each other.



You have multiple needs, we have multiple services. Choose among all our available services those that correspond to your needs and benefit from the perfectly coordinated management of all our operations.




By opting for Integrated Facility Services, you choose a solution that groups all or part of the support services for your company, depending on your strategy. You can dedicate your time to your core business under optimal operating conditions.